29 June, 2006

Wanna Share with You

I just wanna share this website with you.

For those who love novels will like this ;)
I love reading novels from Alaf21 and also mags from Karangkraf :)
These are some of novels and mags that I 've read :
  • Pergilah Sepi
  • Adam & Hawa
  • Cinta Pertama
  • Majalah Rapi
  • Mingguan Wanita
  • Nona

so, fell free to go here --> www.karangkraf.com.my & www.alaf21.com.my

I Love To Be Loved , I Hate To Be Hated

27 June, 2006

It's the beginning ...

It's the beginning of everything ....
  • beginning of new hope ....
  • beginning of new life ....
  • beginning of new story ...
  • and beginning of new me ....

I LoVe To bE LoVeD , I HaTe tO Be HatEd

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